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Strike Three Kayak Fishing

"Something violent is about to happen"
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Not a fisherman?    This may be for you.    Manatees your interest?   From April to November I can easily provide the manatee experience.   


The kayak: It's possibly the quietest way to take to the water. 


Enjoy the happy, relaxed feeling of some time taking in "undisturbed beauty." Kayaking is the best method to get very close to so many species of wild fowl, mammals and fish. Manatees, Dolphin, Redfish, Snook, Horseshoe Crabs, Herons, Skimmers, Roseate Spoonbills, Egrets, Osprey, Pelicans, Stingrays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Starfish and Sea Urchins are just a few of the things you might see. 


In addition to the wildlife, there is also the environment itself: The Flora and fauna, the estuary and habitat. Mudflats. Oyster bars. Spartina grasses. Thick lustrous seagrass. 


"See what I see" on the eco tour: Bring along your polarized sunglasses and let me point out things you might otherwise miss! Years of experience and learning where and when to locate various creatures, let me show you how to spot these creatures on your own!

"Manatee Adventures" are available year round.   People enjoy getting a few feet away from these giants.    


Eco Tour rates:  

for the three hour excursion

$50 per person (minimum three people per trip, up to a maximum of 7)

The Manatee Experience:

$30 per person for the hour and a half tour, minimum three people, maximum of 7)