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Strike Three Kayak Fishing

"Something violent is about to happen"
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Articles written by Neil Taylor, owner and guide at Strike Three Kayak Fishing!

STKF: A Perspective

STKF:  Jerry White

Kayak Fishing:  Gay Varano

STKF:  Adventure Woman

Take a Kid Fishing

Errors and Bad Habits

Feed Predictions

The Academy

The Fishing Kayak

Feed Predictors, Tides and Weather


Kayak Rigging Ideas

Custom Anchor Trolleys

Dry Bags

Personal Flotation Device

The "Sawed Off" SlamR

Wintertime Clothing

Topwater Lures

Thoughts On Fishin' Holes

Setting The Drag

Jack Crevalle

Jacks or Better

Spanish Mackerel


Tackle Whores and Prostitutes

The Texas Slam

Summertime Trout

Shared Information

Choices In Lines

Getting Better With Lures

Catch More Fish

Anti Reverse:  Why?

Dry Bags

Wintertime Clothing and fishing

Fishing the Cooler Months

A Change In The Air

Tying Knots

Night Time, The Right Time

Mangroves and our ecosystem

Washdown:  Care of fishing reels and gear

Smoker Tips

Tying Knots

Kayak Rigging Ideas

Catch my drift

Fish Art by Kumpa

Washdown:   Reel Maintenance

Tackle Storage

Wintertime Inshore

Getting Along

Tampa Bay Watch

Jacks or Better

Politics, Science and Snook
Fluorocarbon Leader

Barbless Fishing Lures


Fifteen Years in Kayaks

Be Quiet!




"Clubbing It"


Damaged Lures

Getting Along


Nighttime Kayak Fishing

The Anchor Man

Anchor Man 2


Smoked Fish Spread


The Life of a Tackle Shop Owner




Sheepshead: A Porgy Delight


Myths About Kayaks


When Guides Go On Vacation (2010)


When Guides Go On Vacation 2  (2012)

When Guides Go On Vacation 3

When Guides Go On Vacation 4

When Guides Go On Vacation 5

Remembering Mark Bellotte

                                                                         The Flounder Rebound


Give In To Pier Pressure


REDundancy: The Redfish Addiction


My Coffee

On Poaching

Control Your Drift

The Whiting of Winter 

Catch, Photo, Release

2011, The Year-In-Review

2012 The Year-In-Review

2013 The Year-In-Review

2014 The Year In Review

2015 The Year-In-Review

2014 Classic Stories

The 2014 Classic:  Will Korte


The New Age of the Fishing Kayak (December 2011 Coastal Angler, Tampa Bay


Combustion Motor Exclusion


Soft plastic lures: The Pinfish Factor


"Small Craft Advantage"


Speckled Trout (October 2011 Coastal Angler Tampa Bay)


Trading Up or Buying a New Kayak


Kayak-fishing for fun and profit


Umpire turned fishing guide


The Kayak, "The Redfish Advantage"


Fishing "Teachers"


The Pot of Gold


The Case Against Stringers


Kayaking the flats for Redfish is a Rush


The Kayak-Fishing Boom! Captain Mel Berman 


St Joseph's Sound: "It's Our Secret"


Big Baits for Big Snook


Learning a New Area

Long, Accurate Casts


Does Lure Color Matter?


Mel and Jay Brewington


Tips from the Pros


Steve Waters article: Waders Paradise


Launch Preliminaries


Deep Water Reentry:



November Coastal Angler Magazine:




The Anchor Trolley

Native Watercraft Video- Using the Anchor Trolley

A Change In The Air

Thoughts on Fishin’ Holes

The Sawed-Off Slam-R

Remembering Mark Bellotte

Alternative Species


 The 2013 Captain Mel Classic and Fishing Tips, by Terry Tomalin

Info on the 2013 Captain Mel Classic:

2013 Snook to Reopen

Join the process

Better Resource Management and You

Will Korte "Snook open for harvest, smart management or incompetence?"

Bradenton Herald:  Reopening of Snook   

Neil Taylor on The Reopening of Snook   

A Better System

Fish Handling, The Snook Foundation August 2013  


Sad Situation for Snook


Your comments on reopening of snook


Keep Snook Closed