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Strike Three Kayak Fishing

"Something violent is about to happen"
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The day will begin with an explanation of the kayaks features, paddling instruction and what to expect on your kayak fishing charter. You will learn not only the "where" and "when" but also the answers to the "how, what and "why" questions. Understanding where to look for the food that certain gamefish eat, what draws them to that habitat and thinking not only like the predator but also the prey is an important part of angling success. 


My goal is to help you achieve your goals.   We can target any species you want as long as this is made known to your guide at the beginning of the trip.  My knowledge is going to be valuable to your future fishing excursions.   My goal is to make sure you get the knowledge you are seeking.  


The back country waters and flats that we fish are serine but loaded with exciting fish and wildlife that will make for a most memorable fishing trip


What is provided?

Strike Three Kayak Fishing provides the kayaks, all the rods, reels, equipment and required safety items.  


What should you bring?  

You will need a fishing license, hat, sunglasses, appropriate clothing and shoes that “cover the toes” and can get wet.   Feel free to bring along anything you want to eat or drink and there is plenty of room for a small cooler to be placed in your kayak.


Charter rates are based on an 8-hour full day trip, 6-hour (3/4 day) and 4-hour half-day rates. The rates for these trips are based on time and materials for the duration of the outing. Special rates can be applied if you're a non-profit organization or fishing clubs etc.

I have tried for YEARS to get a license that covers my clients.  In kayaks, they won't issue it to me.  Florida licenses are inexpensive.   I can provide everything else but you MUST get your own fishing license.    Saltwater:  Either resident or non-resident.  


Inquire about your trip: