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Future dates for 2017, to be announced!   These have been popular in the past.  I haven't held any in a while.    I will probably put these in "every other month" for next year.

Spaces are limited.  These will continue to be offered regularly, possibly multiple times per month based on the interest level. 

There will be two different sessions for Clinics in the future:   "Beginners" and "Advanced" with those sessions being determined by the people expressing interest in each date.   Spaces are limited to make sure everyone gets the appropriate attention and lessons of the course.   


Fees for the clinics:   $30 if you use your own equipment and kayak, $40 if you use Strike Three Kayak Fishing equipment and kayak.    The sessions last three hours.  It is a great opportunity to have your skills evaluated and modified.   


Overview:  The focus of On-The-Water Clinics by Neil Taylor is to give very basic instruction for people that are new to kayak fishing or need to acquire better skills as novice kayak anglers.  If the knowledge base is that good for the group that is going out:  More fishing time, less shoreline instruction.    Purely advanced outings will be added to the schedule.  


Participants will receive basic instruction on using their kayaks for fishing, tips and tricks for fishing out of a kayak and how to use artificial lures to catch local species. Shoreline instruction will demonstrate features of the kayaks, layout and organization of fishing tackle and gear, knot tying and properly getting in and out of your kayak.


On-the-water instruction will focus on improving casting skills, anchoring and positioning of the kayak, presentation of lures, and the fighting and landing fish.Participation for each session will be limited so that each person who attends receives the lessons.  More sessions will be added to the schedule.  If you would like to get email announcements, send an email to to get articles, reports and OTW clinic updates!